snippets for katiebird

I was going to the social security office recently, and since I assumed I would have to do a fair amount of waiting, I thought it best to take a book. As it turns out, the only book in my car was 501 Spanish Verbs, so I did some studying and made the best of it. I came across a few idioms/proverbs that made me laugh — obviously loosely translated. (Katiebird, maybe you already know these, but if not, add them to a list somewhere (: )

¡Cuentasélo a tu abuela! : Tell it to your grandma. (i.e. you’re pulling my leg)

No tiene dos dedos de frente. : He doesn’t have two fingers of forehead (i.e. peabrain)

El que mal canta, bien le suena. : He who sings badly likes what he hears.

¡Cómprate un calvo y péinalo! : Buy a bald man and comb him/his hair. (i.e. Beat it.)

Maybe I’ll start using the English versions in everyday conversation and see what happens.Will be on the lookout for more.




2 thoughts on “snippets for katiebird

  1. Dear Lauren,

    just (re)discovered your blog and have no words, but feel compelled to let you know that it touched me today – you know, that me inside that is rarely touched. And thank you. Yes, yes! To dance, of course, and Spanish-to-English ridiculousness.

    Thank you, you are lovely and alive.


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