back at it

These past few months have been a needed balance of fullness and also quiet — in that my heart and life have been full of joyous newness, but I’ve also had the time for reflection and creativity that I had been longing for. So much that I gladly stepped out of regular life (whatever that means) for awhile to enjoy it fully, but now I am on the cusp of a job and new responsibilities, and I welcome that, too.

I’m especially keyed up about life tonight because I met a bunch of great new people. I found a meetup group today that is dedicated to helping Nashville transition into sustainable living (based on this movement). It sounded like exactly the sort of community I have been looking to get involved in, so I made some salsa, went to their potluck, and learned a bit about fall/winter gardening. I was definitely the only person there under 40, and it was great. I usually feel more comfortable with oldish people anyway, and these were exactly the sort of oldish people I hope to be like someday. They haven’t checked out or let the world move on without them. There were a bunch of people my grandparents’ age discussing everything from beets & healthy bee colonies to community organizing and our society’s need for transformation and imagination in a time of unprecedented global uncertainty . . . . . They were passionate and inspiring. And even though it’s not one of my strengths, I made conversation with strangers and began what I hope will be many new friendships with very wise people.

I’m painting and sewing again. Yesterday I took my first tango class and signed up for Spanish lessons. I’m saying, “Yes.”

Because why not do the things I want most deeply to do? The only reason is fear — which is a shit reason, so I’m trying to give it up.


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