Ninjas and smelling like love

A few weeks ago I had the kiddos writing prepositional poems to practice prepositional phrases. Some of then really surprised me once I finally convinced them to be creative — Here are two of my favorites. Terrell is really awkward and loves video games and origami, but he will probably grow up to be the most interesting one of the bunch. Tiykeidra is just straight up crazy . . . but she’s gotten really into poetry with me in the last few months, so sometimes when we have a spare minute together we talk about our mutual love.


By Terrell

Sneaking in the night

Hiding in the trees

Masks on their faces

Hiding behind their enemies

Ninjas are everywhere and

Nowhere to be seen.

Fragrant Flowers

By Tiykeidra

On a Saturday morning

In my pajamas

Roses and flowers growing in the ground

Smiling at birds flying in the air

Nature all around me

Entering my nose,

Smelling like love

Enjoying my day with my friends

While I’m still a little girl


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