more music

1. A friend recently introduced me to Julieta Venegas. Even though I’m sure I don’t understand most of this song (and I’m sure it’s a little sappy), I have it on repeat. You know I can’t resist a sultry, piano-playing Latina.

2. I watched a biopic on Joni Mitchell (Joni Mitchell: A Woman of Heart and Mind) over the weekend and re-fell in love (?) with all that she is. It’s on Netflix instant watch. Recommended.


**Edit: I have more to say.

3. My weekend was as close to perfect as anything has been in a long while. Even though I got divorced on Friday. Saturday was beautiful — BEAUTIFUL, I tell you. Dear Megan drove down on Friday, and we ate delicious fried food, drank cold beer, and jammed out to the Blues. We had breakfast together before she left the next morning, the Bobcats won their final basketball games, I had fun with our cheerleaders, the sunshine was RADIANT so I took an excellent bike ride, and then I spent the rest of the afternoon singing, dancing, and preparing a rather fabulous meal which I shared with a friend that night. Yes. If this is what healing and moving on looks like (at least some of the time), sign me up. I am so taken care of. amen.


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